“At it’s best, it’s blisteringly funny, really creepy — or both.” –The Seattle Times

Every other Saturday at 10:30pm
February 3, 17, March 3, March 17, March 31, April 14
Tickets $10

A collection of words you were never meant to hear. Transcripts of noted people (and some ordinary folk) saying things they never meant for the public to hear: surveillance tapes, secretly recorded conversations, forgotten open mics, on-camera diatribes, released emails, private correspondence, etcetera. VERBATIM VERBOTEN has collected over three hundred such pieces, with more being added all the time…meaning no performance is like the one before.

Created over 20 years ago by Michael Martin, returning time and again to venues across the country. This edition of Verbatim Verboten is hosted and curated by Mason Joiner.