Live Girls is at it again

Live improv, sketch, musical comedy. September 28 at 8pm, Tickets $5

Here’s 411: Did you know we all live alone? Every night we come home from work, microwave a TV dinner, and text each other pictures of our cats and dogs. It’s true. We are alone, but not lonely. Well, let’s be honest, we are a little lonely. Please come to our show so we can have some social interaction. Our therapists tell us its good for us. Plus, the show will be fun! We’re gunna wipe away those cobwebs from our dancing shoes & our vocal chords. That’s right! Singing and dancing! Sketch. Sketch videos. Improv. Singing. Did we mention singing? Singing!

UPDATE as of 9.22: After reading about the devestation in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Irma and Maria, we have decided to donate all of this show’s proceeds to a local relief fund in Puerto Rico. We will donate all proceeds & anything extra we gather to ConPRmedtidos. Here is the link to thier website, in case you want more info about the organization, or if you’d like to donate now!