An evening of theatrical belly dance


Tickets In Advance: $15 General, $40 VIP(1st two rows)
At The Door: $20 General, $50 VIP


Our tale begins a century ago on the night of October 7, 1917, the mysterious Madame Carella is hosting a cotillion to introduce her ten enchanting pupils to society, an evening fille dwith merriment and delights. But dark rumors ran amok about Madame Carella and her neophytes. Whispers of witchcraft and shadowy magics fueled the local women to action. On the eve of Madame Carella’s event, she and her charges were trapped inside the Carella Plantation and burned to death. Their dying screams are said to still haunt the grounds of the ruined Plantation even today. As for the women who committed the foul deed – rumors suggest that they still stand vigil – locked in the stone statues that miraculously survived the fire, their mournful laments can often be heard on quiet nights for miles around.

And now, after a hundred years of anguished unrest, the tormented souls of Madame Carella and her ghostly charges return. The Madame calls for all the mystical, magical and whimsical creatures to come forth and help celebrate the long overdue debut of her bewitching enchantresses. Your attendance is requested at the remains of the Carella Plantation for an evening rich in revenge and revelry.

“A Ghostly Cotillion” is being presented in conjunction with a weekend of workshops featuring Special Guest and Master Instructor, Dalia Carella, of New York City. The finale number will be choreographed and set for a performance project in which 10 dancers come together to learn it, in it’s entirety, in a single day.