Middle Eastern Dance Theatre Show
August 12 at 8pm
Tickets $20

The Middle East… Does it conjure up images of war and terror, devastation and destruction?
“Dancing Our Way Home” is an arty and theatrical, contemporary Middle Eastern dance performance that explores another vision of the region. The Middle East has been a crossroad for cultures from Asia and Africa for over 2000 years. The Persian Empire, Silk Road, the connection between Bagdad and Spain, and the Ottoman Empire have shaped world civilization. 
This performance, directed by international choreographer, author, and film maker, Tamalyn Dallal will explore these connections through solo performances and women’s dance groups who have been studying this culture in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Ocean Springs, MS. There will be a special guest artist from China, Wendi Weng.
Contemporary renditions of dances ranging from China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, to Iran, Egypt, Andalusia, and Turkey will be presented as a story of of a misunderstood region of deep and diverse roots. 
Advance ticket purchase recommended.